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Mailing lists for the powersports industry, reach 9 million motorcycle owners

Mailing Lists of Motorcycle Owners

Kawasaki owners, Harley-Davidson owners, Yamaha owners

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New for the powersports industry! We've spent over two years testing and compiling motorcycle ownership registration data, and creating strategic alliances with the industry's original data providers to develop mailing lists exclusively for the motorcycle and powersports industry.

These lists are current and accurate and are run through the US Post Office National Change of Address (NCOA) file before you use them.

New to mailing list rentals? We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. To make it easy we also have complete mailing services and creative services available to help get your offer in the mail if you're not set up to manage it on your own.

If you need to reach motorcycle owners using mailing lists of Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki or Buell owners, give us a call.

All EnthusiastsDirect lists have an additional $50 delivery charge.


Motorcycle Owner Mailing Lists and Rental Prices

Mailing Lists 10,000 Names 20,000 Names 50,000 Names 100,000 Names
BMW motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 not available
Buell motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Ducati motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Honda motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Kawasaki motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Suzuki motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Yamaha motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000

Motorcycle Owner Mailing Lists by Demographics and Rental Prices

Mailing Lists 10,000 Names 20,000 Names 50,000 Names 100,000 Names
Male motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 not available
Female motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Married motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000
Unmarried motorcycle owners $1,300 $2,500 $5,750 $11,000