EnthusiastsDirect automotive mailing lists


Owners of Class A, Class B and Class C Recreational Vehicles

(Note: for a more current data card visit our Hedges & Company page here.) Mailing list of owners of RVs. These are active lifestyle consumers with discretionary household income to spend who enjoy travel and the outdoors. These are great prospects for lifestyle products including hunting and outdoor offers, travel comfort accessories, camping products, restyling accessories, magazine subscriptions, insurance offers, and car care products.

SEGMENTS: RV Class A owners 4.5 million   POPULARITY: ***** (5)
RV Class B owners 500,000   CHANNELS: mail, email
RV Class C owners 270,000   MARKET: Consumer
      GEOGRAPHY: United States
COSTS: Sold in multiples of 10,000 ... 20,000 ... 50,000 ...and 100,000 names for mail. Sold in multiples of 10,000 ... 20,000 ... 50,000 ... and 100,000 names for email.   DESCRIPTION: EnthusiastsDirect.com has utilized multiple data sources to come up with vehicle owner lists designed for the automotive aftermarket, including enthusiasts with DIY activity.
      GENDER: 60% male, 40% female (approx.)
      SELECTS: Home owner/renter (+$10/M)
        Married/single (+$10/M)
        No insurance (+$10/M)
        Bought new or used (+$10/M)
        Diesel or gasoline (+$10/M)
        Own vehicle or lease vehicle (+$10/M)
      AVERAGE AGE 55

We've spent two years building and testing data, and creating strategic alliances with the original data providers to develop mailing lists exclusively for the automotive aftermarket. We use a complete year/make/model ownership masterfile of 120 million U.S. consumers including automobile, truck and motorcycle owners, and we can drill down to consumers with a buying history of aftermarket parts and accessories with DIY behavior.We have access to hundreds of variables on each of the nation's 110 million households including vehicle ownership, income, employment, marital status, consumer buying histories and more. If you need to grow your sales and reach new customers, rely on the most current, complete consumer database available in the automotive aftermarket.